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How it was born Photobooth Sardegna

Photo Booth Sardegna was born in 2013 almost spontaneously from the request, almost as a joke, of a friend who was to get married and wanted something original for his wedding. He wanted something like that photobooth he had tried at his dear friend’s “wedding party” in London, where he had been spreading them for some time.

This was how the first and only Photo Booth was born in Sardinia, among the first also in Italy where it was beginning to spread to Rome and Milan. The first version of the cabin had a non-touch monitor and started with a button under the screen. 

From that moment on we started to develop and update our photobooth booth according to the experiences and needs that were created during weddings, thus making it tailored for Sardinian weddings and parties.


Behind Photobooth Sardinia

Behind The cute smiley face of the logo, with a mustache and glasses and hat, there is our team that works to ensure the maximum during all phases of the event, before, during and after the party.

In fact, it is not as simple as you can think to organize and realize a service with the photo booth.

The staff of Photobooth Sardinia includes several figures with skills in marketing, graphics, photography, organization and event management, all flavored by creativity, dynamism and of course the sympathy that you have to have to carry on such a project.

PhotoBooth Sardegna

Contact us

Please contact us if you need information. Our staff is ready to answer you, to try to find the best solution to your needs.

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