The ideal solution for those who want to have a small reportage of their wedding from the point of view of their guests and at the same time leave them a printed memory.

Hashtag Print is a service designed for weddings or other “social” events. Just choose a hashtag for your event and automatically all the photos posted by your guests with that hashtag will be displayed and printed.
Guests can select the photos they prefer and print them out.
The press will go to the guest and a copy will go to an album that will remain to the newlyweds at the end of the day.
Prints can be customized by adding the name of the newlyweds, the date and name of the event, the company name, the logo or other graphics.
Hashtag Print encourages your guests to take photos and tag them with the hashtag chosen, obtaining a micro reportage of the event from the point of view of your guests.
Photobooth Sardegna can also be taken care of the creation of small knights to be placed in the table and an image to be shared before and during the event to inform the guests of the hashtag Print.

Included in the service

Immediate prints

The invitee will be able to choose which photos to print via a monitor and will immediately receive their own print delivered in a personalized envelope.

Unlimited prints and double copy

There is no maximum number of prints for unlimited fun. In addition, a copy is dedicated to the album for the newlyweds.


At the end of the service you will be given a small album with all the photos printed by the guests.


The graphics are customizable in colors, theme, graphics. Everything is studied and made to measure.

Mounting and Support

The staff of Photo Booth Sardegna subject to agreements with the customer and the venue will take care of setting up the corner for the desk with the monitor where the guests can choose the photos. During the event, the staff will supervise the progress of the service helping guests in using it.

Fun 90%
Souvenir 100%
Sharing 90%
Usually matched
Ideal for

Wedding, Birthday Party, Anniversaries, Graduation Day, Corporate Events.

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